Monday, November 28, 2016


This morning was the 27th of the month. I only had days to fulfill my personal promise to God.
In my Thanksgiving to God I was still praying for an answer of where to donate this month.
I repeatedly asked this month for Him to show me where. I was getting worried!

There are always 2 worthy causes close to my heart I save to send money to. Both I've posted about on my blogs. Both I support as God allows.

And then I read a Dear Sister in Christ's blog post about this!
(click on the words)

Please check them out.

I was delighted to read this~ (click on the words)

We are going to try to donate to each Country as God allows.

PRAISE God for Brett and Jaelle answering His call!
In this season of giving- lets shower the people living on Trash Mountain with God's LOVE!!

Thank You!!
God Bless! ((((((BIG HUGS))))))

Friday, November 11, 2016


Two years later, July 2004, my Angel would die. My Isaiah would be 6 months old. And the memory of hugging Angel and telling her how much I loved her a week before she died was a Gift from God.
(click on photo to enlarge)
I saved her words. She never wrote a mean thing to me ever. She always encouraged me. She thanked me many many times. Many more times than I deserved.

Save your kind words from those you cherish. You will need them.

Lysa and Kitty needed to see these kind words from the birthmother that they have not seen for six years. They are 13 and 14 now. They don't remember her ever saying anything nice to me. They remember her last "words".  They "remember" her leaving and never returning. They remember me asking her to visit.

They don't remember Angel, they were 1 & 2 yrs old when she died.

These last 6 years the words their birthmother wrote to me or about me are nothing I'd share with them now. Maybe someday as adults they can make sense of those words for me.

In the meantime I bore them with happy Shirley Pearly, Pearla May stories. They think I made them up. But they are true. There really was a Princess who wore a tiara I bought her From Walmart :o) to marry the most wonderful man ever. Her Dad called him the "B" man!

So honestly, if you write beautiful sentiments like this note, name a precious baby after me, and entrust me with 2 of the most important people in your life. Where is the hate coming from? God IS LOVE.

I could never hate you. satan used your wrongs to tempt me. But it just isn't possible. It isn't possible to hate anyone God entrusts you with.

There isn't a day that your namesake (Grandma) and I don't pray for you and your girls and their fathers.
Thank You for writing something I can show Elizabeth and Katherine that makes them smile.

Life is short. Angel taught us that.

When you already knew it was cancer

If you thought I had fallen off the planet.
Just picture me cooking, cooking and more cooking.
This is 5 lbs of gluten free flours, with spinach, tomato, onion, eggs, milk, olive oil and baking powder.

                             25 lb buckets of ingredients. :o)

Stored in every nook and cranny. Even 1/2 a bag of premium puppy chow here too! LOL!

 Homemade wild rice turkey fresh mushroom soup. No flour as thickener. Made with Heavy Whipping Cream and butter. The teens eat this as fast as I make it!

The camera wouldn't capture the pretty twinkly lights on, darn.
Love these automatic "candles" in the Fall when darkness creeps in early.

 Muffins fresh from the oven, 24 at a time!
God has blessed us with a double oven. Baking is so much faster!

                                   Next batch is ready.

                             Cooling 48 muffins at a time!
                                      They last a week.

A pressure cooker that makes TWENTY CUPS of rice at a time! Love-love-love! Tonight was "cream of mushroom" rice. White rice (resistant starch) organic cream cheese, organic parmesan cheese, organic canned mushrooms, garlic and onion. We'll eat it with a turkey (not organic) that was on sale 69 cents a pound- crazy!

This is Bug. I'll post more about him next time. He just reminded me to tell you about the cancer.

I wasn't sure if I'd share this here. A few of the children who were raised here will enjoy gossiping about it. I'll let the Lord deal with that.

I fight several health issues. They are described by my Dr as Chronic non-disabling. I hold my breath till she adds "disabling". Because then you know its bad. But how can it be bad if you keep forgetting you're even ill? And how can it be disabling if I don't agree? ;o)

The Chronic part is the slowly stealing of things away; like losing over half my colon, being a code blue at the hospital, total vision loss in my right eye, losing my ability to walk or function on some days.

And now skin cancer. Recently I had a mole on my arm removed to prevent cancer. But the brown thing on my foot that has been growing since my late twenties is technically not a mole. It is cancer, Malignant Melanoma. It was biopsied in October. On the 29th they will remove a chunk of my foot and test to make sure it has not travelled to a lymph node. I will be off my feet 8 to 10 weeks.
I truly had been warned about this by God throughout the years, hearing coincidental stories of others with skin cancer of the foot. And I knew the risks far too long. But I ignored it.

This is a good link about skin cancer on your foot-

I'm also having an out patient surgical biopsy on my breast. I have "something" that a mammogram and an ultrasound or needle biopsy cannot check. The surgeon can feel it. I should have had it done last year. I put everything else ahead of me. So now limping into the operating room will have to do! I have a feeling. Just like I had a feeling about my foot. But then I'm usually too blessed/busy to remember what any bad feeling was. ;o)

All prayers appreciated! God is GOOD! I will PRAISE Him as I give Him ALL the Glory.
I truly feel I have had the best life ever. The most Blessed life ever. He has given me more than any person could ever deserve.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Working hard through the rain!

We were able to move the large appliances into the kitchen. On top of the fridge are our "freezer" bags we use to bring back and forth frozen food.

The stove was purchased in the early 90's when I got a raise. I loved it and it was so exciting and innovative with  the microwave overhead. Then I saw the Maytag double oven/glass top stove in the late 90's and replaced this one with that. But the 2nd oven on the maytag, was a pizza/fish stick oven and it wasn't as helpful as I'd hoped.

This stove above has sat unused for years at the lake property garage. It took Tom years to put an outlet in for it , but then it was 100 ft away from the trailer making it impossible to use. I used a toaster oven up here for years.

My Maytag stove was then killed by a power surge. With little funds I suffered at home with the cheapest stove sears sold. Until 2 years ago I bought my "real" double oven  (with glass top) stove that allows us to bake up to two 28 pound turkeys! LOL! We bake so fast now its comical! We love it.

Here in the woods the electrician put the wrong adapter in for this stove. He put a "newer" plug-in that doesn't fit. So next year. :o)

The refrigerator was a huge blessing in the late 90s. We'd previously suffered with a small portable dorm size refrige and our tiny trailer fridge for quite a few years.

The little freezer is 24 years old. We love this freezer. But we do need a bigger one. Till then we make do! :o)

This is my view of the sky over the cabin/garage. I see this when I come out of the new trailer door. The sky is ever changing. Often I watch the moon "start" here. (when it hits my view) and watch it move over to the right circling our yard till morning. :o)

This day threatened rain. Every day has brought beautiful smiling skies, a Gift from God.

Going to the right, the moon slowly moves around the earth and is "framed" between these two pine tree tops. It is so pretty. I tried to photograph it but we don't know the exact setting for night pictures. We need to read up more on it.

My little sanctuary leading to my "Walden Woods" ;o)
My gazing ball (right), a memory plaque of my daughters in heaven (poem) on the stake. A trellis for flowers soon.
Left of the arbor gate is my dad's old red wheel barrow. We used that my entire childhood up north while building his cabin. It's so small it looks like it was for a child compared to what we use now.

The underneath wood holding the wheel on the wheel barrow is (rotten) shot. Tom couldn't fix it. My son in love is taking welding classes, maybe he can weld a metal piece to attach the wheel! The wheel is made of old iron. Then I could sit it up and plant flowers in it.

To the left is my little chair to sit and contemplate. I have only had time to admire it- LOL!

                                     My little patch I call Walden Woods, behind the arbor.

                                                  Another view of my special spot I love.

I hope that if you click on this photo, that you can read the beautiful poem. After it posts I'll try it. If it can't be read I'll type in the beautiful poem. 

I miss my girls terribly. My daughter Angel was always so helpful and kind to me. Even when we disagreed, she was kind. Her last note to me said "Mom I'm sorry my heart is not right with God right now." Life was not easy for her. She fought Bi polar depression. My heart ached for her. 
My daughter Molly fought a degenerative disease so bravely. 
My daughter Joy was a fragile tiny angel wishing to return to Heaven at 5 months. 

I miss them here so much, but they are where my heart yearns to be.

The "monsoon" rains completely killed this tarp! We had set it up over some things from the garage as the builders were working. :o(

I have been painting the floor in the cabin a green color. It has taken 5 nights to complete. I am very sore. The green was lighter but the sub floor has caused it to look darker. I will tile over it next year one section at a time. The sub floor caused lots of splinters, the paint stops that. That doorway leads to the garage. The left wall is where the large appliances are. The window wall is where the sink and water will come in one day in the future.

Kitty took a few pictures of Violet the "bad" demanding cat. :o) We are all dirty here. Sponge baths are not helping anymore. Its too chilly for filling the outdoor horse trough for a dip, or going through the sprinkler! Even Violet needs a bath. Her skin oils are dirtying her bed. All of us are dreaming of tubs of hot bath water!

Isaiah took these pictures. He and Kitty are taking so many nice photos I can't keep track of who took what!
If you click the photo to enlarge it, it looks so "welcoming". It's our driveway into our property.
Welcome! :o)

                                          He then took these following pictures after the rains.

 The trees were still so full of leaves. A few days later the winds blew most of them off. It looked like our yard was "snowing" leaves!

 This is the road facing the way we drive home. Soon we will lock up and be on our way.

                                                                Towards home view.

These trees block the front yard from the road. Before the road was paved, they shielded the yard from the constant road dust.

The first feeling we have is sadness in leaving.
Until our sinful human hearts remember.
God did not have to gift us this time here.
He did not have to gift us this property, or the new construction.
He did not have to form us as a family filled with His LOVE!
God owns everything, God is everything!
He has shared such an abundance with us we are completely humbled. We Thank Him and give Him the Glory!
To know that Heaven is so much more than this and He offers it freely as He just keeps on LOVING us with all our imperfections.
He never stops giving.
We have done absolutely nothing to deserve this.
If you do not know God, Please give Him a chance to show you His Goodness!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Exhausted in a good way!

We had the dogs in the trailer for a day while some work was being done. I put them together to help Winty (left) learn some manners. He's almost 9 months. A  teenager. :o) He has the leash connected to the gate. He's very good about knowing not to "pull" on the leash and knock over the gate!

Martha wasn't much help with Winty. (she's the chocolate one) She falls for Winty's babyish charm every time! And Sassy is in the back. Poor Sassy just wanted to come with me. :o)

 Poor Sassy hoping we'll stop punishing her! Eventually we did take her out. We left Martha with Winty. Faith promised to watch them while we took a nap. And then Faith got distracted, and Winty tasted a bottom cupboard with his teeth! Yikes! Just a few chew marks- but he had already had chewy toy. ugh!

Violet sleeping on Isaiah's bunk bed in the sun!! Oh my it was so hot, but she loves the heat. The window glass is tinted. If it wasn't she'd have to move, she can get sun burn!

                                                                             Silly cat!!

Tom thought the pink sun rise was beautiful. I told him it reminded me of the balloon test at the eye Dr!! LOL! Where you see the hot air balloon rise up from the road. Does every eye Dr use that test? I wonder!

 Kitty and her new friend Toady! We tease the kids about kissing toads that could turn into Princes or Princesses!

 A very smart tree frog climbing our light pole for a dinner of bugs surrounding it!

I completed a project here. A snow flake lap quilt.
I wanted to bring up something simple to work on. This required only white floss and no "fancy" work. I hate to sit idle! :o) I really enjoyed completing this one.

 Now I'm working on a table cloth for a small table, like the trailer table. Again, white floss. I had given away a lot of projects when we de-cluttered. I'm so glad I saved these!

 This is a primer "stain" I'm painting on the garage. Here I covered all the water damage first. The siding is very rough. Its a pain to "scrub" the paint in with the brush. It looks so much nicer. We should have painted it when we were trying to sell it. But I'm glad we didn't sell. The people who offered to buy said so much negative about this place, we wondered why they wanted it? I guess to get the low price they said negative things. But it just made me love the place more!!
So we declined the offer. Then last year our neighbor offered to buy- after we moved in??!!! No, too late. I thank God we are here!

 Tonight I stained all the way up to the seem above the lights. This is the front of the garage. As I painted it threatened to rain. It sprinkled some. But God is so Good! It has been dry the required 4 hours. I usually wait to paint after the boys/Mercy go to bed. I paint about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Tonight I had to go on the ladder. I held myself so stiff up there that I ache everywhere!
Tom will paint to the peak of the roof. The smallest area to do.

                                    The night time clouds with rain clouds threatening!
Isaiah took these pictures. This one was from the back of the garage where he was sweeping off dirt so I could paint.

                                                             The sun setting in the woods.

                                                    A little frog Isaiah found on the cement.

The ceiling is complete. The natural stain with varnish samples look great! The wall straight ahead is my kitchen wall up to the patio doors. The sink will be under the little window on the left. The other 3 walls are paneled already.

The opening to the right is for the new door to go out of into the garage. The lights really reflect off of the ceiling paneling already. Can you imagine how they'll reflect off of the varnished wood! The wall straight ahead is to the garage. The wall to the right is the kitchen.

We won't make any walls for rooms other than the bathroom. Because we won't know who will sleep where each time we come. But we've always slept bunk house style when we are "camping". So even the "living room" space will sleep people. The women use wheel chairs, so space is a must!

The builders we have take pride in doing fancy work!! But our style is very simple! One big room 30' x 30'! No plumbing. (we have a composting toilet and outhouse) No running water. Except from our hose!
I'm buying used pieces of kitchen cupboards with a sink. We'll use a big steel shelf for our pantry.

They had said they might finish this week. But I think they'll need next week too. Looks like we'll have to come back.

As nice as the builders are, I have not enjoyed having them- LOL!! I won't miss them next year!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The sky is smiling

Numbers 6: 24-26 NKJV
24 (May)“The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 (May)The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
26(May) The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”’

The trees are just starting to turn. We have had nice cool temps, but not cool enough to start the leaves changing color. It seems the Birch trees start first.
I love Birch trees. But they only live about 50 years. And if they grow long and spindly, they fall easily in storms.

 The Raspberry and Blackberry bushes are dropping leaves and dying back.

 The Builders nearly finished the knotty pine ceiling. It is beautiful. The cabin is 30 ft x 30 ft. When the pine boards are all put up, they will spray a "natural" stain on them, and then spray on varnish. It will be such a nice quick easy job; compared to how I finished the 25 ft. knotty pine wall in my bedroom at home, one board at a time!!
I love the knotty pine! It was a very good deal from a near by saw mill.

 The ceiling nearly done. You can immediately feel the warmth in the cabin compared to the coldness in the garage with all of the insulation now in the cabin! And they haven't even blown insulation into the ceiling yet, or installed our new energy/heat saving (3) windows and sliding glass door!! (We don't have that many windows because we spend most our time outside.) It will be very warm if we come here for Thanksgiving! Only a lot of snow would stop us now.

We put little twinkle lights on the ramp so that in the night, after we turn off the big outdoor lights, we can "see" it. In case we needed to run over there quickly to get Tom, it's lit up. The 5th wheel doesn't have an outdoor light, it was broken. Tonight the Ladies are inside toasty warm with electric blankets on since it is going to be about 39 degrees! 

In our trailer the crockpot heats the kid's big bedroom while it cooks tomorrows lunch soup. (the only problem is it makes us hungry all night- LOL!) We have heaters in both trailers too. The cabin has heaters as well. The humidity plus the dampness makes the air feel quite cold here. It seems to seep up from the ground which is always wet because it has a lot of clay.

When we were on the lake we spent a lot of time looking at the water. Now we've noticed that in the woods here, we look up at the sky a lot. Which reminded me of the verse in Numbers.

We have seen pink sunsets and pink morning clouds. A full rainbow stretched end to end!!! Beautiful storm clouds, and rain clouds. White billowy clouds that "frame" our huge pine trees making everyday picturesque. And the moon, oh my how it decorates the sky all night long here. Along with the clouds, or without clouds surrounded by the multitudes of stars that are so much more visible away from city lights. 

We see many more birds flying over the land migrating, or looking for food. Every single day we call to each other to "look!!", and every day we are blessed by the sky smiling upon us. A Gift from God! "May His face Shine upon you!"