Saturday, June 25, 2016

Is June really almost over??

3 things that make me smile- British roses pottery, fresh lemons,

 and a cute hand towel my mom bought me while it Forida. She goes to Alabama every winter on the train. Then they drive to fun places in FL.

I hadn't been very well this month. So with so much time spent at the Drs, the place I try never to go, the days felt wasted. I couldn't get done what I wanted to.

We are doing our annual State mandated testing. Mr Dad is "late" with it as usual.

In the meantime as I work on getting well, three of the older 4, decided to try Lapbooking.
Above is Isaiah's folder with "supplies".

                       Having cocoa coconut milk with it. :o)

                                         This is Isaiah's.

 Isaiah is a minimalist! ha! ha! We spent so much time deciding how we could make big roomy Lapbooks for that? LOL!

                                          This is Lysa's.
                                 Lysa is very creative :o)

                             Loaded with lots of information!

                                            This is Kitty's.

                She worked hard on deciding where to put it all.

They enjoyed making the Lapbooks and like having them a lot. I jumped the gun and bought more folders thinking they'd make more!! But they really aren't interested in making anymore!!! I guess the folders will be another donation for the Salvation Army!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A cat and a dog :o)

The older 4 (kids) wanted to post their creative pictures.
But I get to comment!
Winty last month (May) 4 months old

 Winty today (June) 5 months old!

Winty 4 months old

Winty 5 months old!!
Winty can actually pull Isaiah around the room now if he gets an energy spurt!! Yikes! He's in the rebellious stage right now. The good thing is he's actually mildly rebellious considering rebellious Lab behavior!

We had a problem with our catty. Violet was becoming a terror. She was scratching everywhere. She scratched us, the beds, window screens, and the carpet under dressers?? If she didn't like what you wanted her to do- it was instant scratch! OUCH! Even though she was in her catty cage at night, she did a great deal of damage during the day.

                                               "Who me??"
So we had her de-clawed. And it was a good decision. She still has her back claws if Moses pulls her tail. But we can now pick her up with no worries of getting poked everywhere. We had tried clipping her nails, we put little cat claw tips over them. Nothing helped. We waited till she was 1 yr old to decide. We're glad we did it. She'll never go outside and we protect her from danger. Now she no longer needs her catty cage at night.

She is doted on all day long! And at night as well as she sleeps with the oldest 4 in their beds.

                                      "Don't bother me!"

                     Kitty likes to re-arange Violet in her blankets.

                  Faith sneaks Violet from Kitty's bed to her bed!

                             Hello Kitty and Hello Catty!!

She is still our dare devil. Here leaping from Julius' top bunk to Isaiah's top bunk.

                                            She made it! :o)

And now to get down, so she can...............

jump over the gate! When she was younger she squeezed through the bars!!

Back on top of Isaiah's bed looking for warmth!
She's a very smart cat.
She figures things out and solves problems quickly.
We love her to pieces. But she's a royal pain!

The Sphynx breeders say that they are "dog" like. But no one told her, because she's very much a cat!! She "yells" at us when she's mad, and screeches when she's bathed, and meows continually when she can't get her way!! And she hisses at all of us if she's mad enough! Darn cat!! :o)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Where is God when you sin?

This beautiful post is from a Brother in Christ who is a missionary in Bulgaria. I asked his permission.

My favorite quote~ "The least loving thing you can do is accept them for who they are."

I have raised children who now as adults do not follow Christ. Who mock me by saying that I think they are going to hell. As if I want anyone, even a murderer to end up in hell. Jesus told the parable of the 99 sheep. They are God's children, not mine. We are all God's children first.

I am mocked and attacked. One of them reported us to social services. My 4 pictured above had to remove their clothing and be inspected and interviewed by police, Drs and Social Workers. This is a memory they do not forget.(November 2013) 

The adult children have their own problems that I would never use against them. I am raising 2 children from one of them, and I am ashamed for the girls to hear what she says about me. And they hear how she has lived her life since. 

There is not a day that my mother, Tom and I do not pray for their souls.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Accepting is not Loving

Almost every day, we hear about immorality.  Why?  Because we live in a world of sinners.  I am one of them.

A common response to immorality is to say about the sinner, "We just need to love them and accept them the way they are."  This statement makes no sense to me.  If you do love someone, and they are engaged in willful immorality, how can you possibly accept them the way they are?

If we believe that sin is destructive to the sinner, then we should have every desire to see it not happen.

Imagine a man named Tyler who suffers from substance abuse.  To put it in layman's terms, he's a drunk.  Perhaps something in his genetic makeup causes him to drink too much, or perhaps he is merely the victim of his own bad choices.  Either way, he passes out drunk every night and drinks his breakfast the following morning.

Now, Tyler has two friends.  The first one accepts him the way he is.  He doesn't offer Tyler any help with his substance abuse problem because Tyler was born that way.  He says, "I love Tyler and I accept him the way he is.  We need to be more tolerant of his lifestyle choices and just love him.  If we talk to him about his drinking, it will just drive him away."

The second friend disagrees.  He says, "Tyler is on a path that leads to destruction.  I am going to do everything I can to get him help because I love him."

The first friend will undoubtedly get along better with Tyler. 

The second friend will likely be yelled at by Tyler with phrases like, "Who are you to judge me!?" and "I don't need your help!  There's nothing wrong with me!  I'm happy living this way."

Tyler may end up hating the second friend and loving the first.  Yet,the first friend is an enabler.  He is avoiding difficult conversations for the sake of maintaining their so called friendship.  It is the second friend who is brave enough to face the name calling to make Tyler's life better.

The first friend shows love by accepting or ignoring Tyler's actions.  The result is cowardice and indifference that only makes Tyler's situation worse.  The second friend shows love by not accepting Tyler's actions and offering help.  He gives Tyler a way out by confronting his sin.

The first friend spoke of love and showed none.  The second friend showed love and risked backlash.  Only the second friend really loved Tyler.

If you really love someone, you will confront their sinful behavior.  You will seek to end their immoral lifestyle.

If you really love yourself, you will say nothing in the hope that the sinner will like you.  Self-love can easily be masked as a love for someone else.  True love faces the difficult conversations.

Interestingly, some make the argument that we should accept sinful behavior by referring to Jesus.  Jesus showed great love for sinners.  He let prostitutes touch him.  He ate with swindlers.  He talked with the woman at the well who jumped from sexual partner to sexual partner.  Surely we should emulate His model and let people live however they want to.

Yet, read the text carefully.  Jesus directly confronted the woman at the well for her sexual immorality (John 4:16-19).  The swindlers He ate with gave up their sinful ways (Luke 19).  The prostitute came to Him, not because she wanted acceptance, but because she needed forgiveness (Luke 7).  Jesus tells people to stop sinning (John 5:14), and whey they are persistent in sin, His response is anything but accepting (John 2:13-16).

Jesus did not come to grant acceptance to sinners.  He came to give us a way out of our sin.  Like Tyler's second friend, He was met with hostility by those who did not want to change their lifestyle.  Jesus chose painful love over comfortable acceptance.  He took the harder road.

If you truly love someone, and they are willfully living in immorality, the most loving thing you can do is talk to them about it.  The least loving thing you can do is accept them for who they are.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mothers Day

My Maternal Grandmother made these. I had them in my closet for 25 years. I "spruced" the frames up with glitter. Now that I'm a Grandma, glitter is my thing! LOL! I hung them up after we de-cluttered the entire house last year ;o) I don't have many of her things.

My  Maternal Grandmother sewed, did needlework, crocheted, knitted. My mom did not know how or want to do any of those things. So everything I've done/do like that, I learned on my own. We did not spend a lot of time with her. I did not realize all of my Grandmother's talents until I was married at 19. I was crying over smocking a dress for my baby Angel, she took them home and finished the pinafores for me. I still have them. I am so dyslexic when it comes to Instructions/Patterns of any kind! (even appliances) I have Instruction/Pattern aversion!

My Paternal Grandmother only did those things if they were needed. And she was very skilled. I have her "compact" sewing machine in a beautiful wooden case, it weighs a ton! She owned a little corner (right on the corner ;o) grocery store, with her house attached. She had no time to create. I was incredibly proud of her. I spent a lot of time with her and she was always very busy. So I had to entertain myself or "work" with her. (dust, clean in the house, pick up trash) Only 2 of my Grandchildren appreciate that I own my own business.

This is my precious mom (right) Shirley and her sister Patricia. They are 18 months apart. My dad was an only child, and mom had only had a sis! My Aunt died 2 years ago. Mom is 83 now. Everyday God gifts her to me here is a blessing!

This Mother's Day was wonderful.
The oldest 4 are so big (Isaiah 12, Kitty will be 13 in June, Lysa will be14 in July and Faith15) The cards the gave me were so touching. Beautifully written.
Last year the cards they chose were both beautifully written AND funny! LOL!! They said "Mom for so many years I could count on you" and "Mom you have been there for me my whole life"!! They just cracked me up because the cards were written for adult children like me to give their mom! So cute! They were very sincere!

Home school Science- Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae came in the mail. (hafta love the internet!) Above they are Pupae. When Faith was little and learned the life cycle of the Butterfly she called the Pupae the "puke bucket"!!!! (the plastic ice cream pails we use for stomach distress)

Have you ever see how much "poo" 5 Larvae can "eliminate"?? Yuck! LOL!!

 6 weeks later~ butterflies!

(all Science photos by Kitty and Isaiah)
Kitty has a great eye for photography too!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life and Death

It was my Birthday this month. These are a few of the gifts my 4 oldest blessings found for me at Walmart.

It was also my first born's Birthday this month. (Angel Ruth) She would be 40 this year if she had not gone home with Jesus at 28. We would have teased her about turning 40, just like we would have teased her if she had lived to turn 30. In fact I had a Happy 30th tshirt for that birthday, purchased before she died.
Her younger birthsister is 37, she'll be 40 in only 3 short years. Her younger birthbrother is 35 in September.  They were the 3 musketeers in another lifetime.

Isaiah, our gift from God, is Angel's youngest birth brother, he is 12. She held him lovingly the weeks before she died, it feels like yesterday.

Since Isaiah is our only birth child at home, Grace was going to make up an adoption story for him.

We've gone from having birth/adopted at home, to having adopted only at home, to now having 11 at home and only one is not adopted! Poor guy! No birth parents or lovely adoption stories. ;o) Just a very "old" mom and dad!
It looks funny when we list family!

 More cards and gifts. Lysa made me the sand art and bought the frame. I'm going to put a picture of the oldest (at home) "4" in the frame!
The chocolate was an oopsie! We eat 80% cocao or higher! ;o)

 Lysa made the butterfly. And she found me the coolest travel crochet hook ever!! All my Yarnies, (crochet pals) are jealous!!

 A beautiful new pitcher for my homemade lemonade. (lemons with water, no sugar) I pulverise the lemons so well that the center leaks it out! Faith hates that. Isaiah and I love it!

 My gift to me. The kitchenaid Precise heat mixing bowl!!! I love it! I make homemade yogurt and melt all our chocolate- coconut goodies in it!
So in essence the benefits of it are for our Group Home peeps and the kids! ;o)

 I stir by hand, so I don't attach it to my mixer. It holds the temp 10 hours!!

 This spring we bought these beautiful slate pieces for hanging near the front of the house.

 We don't have headstones at our cemetery, we are buying a granite topped bench, pre- engraved with those who are and will be buried there. There will be 16 cremations, 2 there now.

We also bought one for our Group Home gal "Auntie Sue" who lived with us 16 years before she died. She lived 1958-2003.

I got pregnant soon after she died, I like to think it was because she whispered in God's ear. You see Auntie Sue loved every one of our children. Every week she'd tell her job center that we were getting another baby! LOL!! Imagine the surprise after she went home with Jesus and her Daddy; when MA and SP told these same staff people that I was pregnant! LOL!! No one believed them. They thought we were adopting again. :o)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bunnies galore!!

 If you click on the picture of "the 4" at the top of the blog it takes you to our blog about our Special Needs family members with more pictures.
Our Lysa bunny at Easter. She'd rather be a lamby! She loves sheep!

                                    Our Kitty bunny

                                             Isaiah bunny

 Faith DID NOT want to do this bunny hat picture- but I begged her! Now that she's 15 she says she looks goofy! LOL!!

                                    Winty the bunny!

                          He's too cute, and too much fun!

                           Violet bunny but the hat is waay big!


                                       And Sassy bunny!

I'm catching up on photos that Kitty and Isaiah took. Since I had been very sick over Easter. Praise God I feel better. But I have to be careful not to over do!