Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Guess who runs this household! (*wink)

We might be biased, o.k. we are biased! She is just the most lovely feline on the planet!

Looks are deceiving though! She is very high maintenance!! Very particular, fussy and stubborn and well of course absolutely stunning!
This picture was taken with the new camera flash. I love it. But it doesn't show her true "colors". Violet is a blue with seal point markings. The flash washes it away.

 Violet is very active. She'll be a year old late April.  Maybe she'll always be high energy? It will be fun to see. If you g**gle "curiosity killed the cat", her picture is there!

She needs a super hero cape, not the fancy dress we bought her! she can fly through the air at lightening speed!

I tell the kids that I feel like this one kitten = 100 kittens. She will not be getting a partner in crime until she's very old.
Worst of all she has no time of day for the dogs! It will be funny to see if she likes Winty since he is small!

 This is head quarters when she roams freely. (Kitty's bed)

 This is her leaping off for a mad dash to see me!
She insists that no one go into the bathroom without her. Why? Because she causes so much trouble in the bathroom, she's not allowed in unsupervised!

Yesterday she needed shots. She has a beautiful pink cat carrier. We roll her in a blanket like a sausage (so she doesn't get chilled) and in she goes. She likes the cat carrier so much we have to hide it! So Kitty found a substitute for her! Her Hello Kitty back pack!

 As you can see Violet approves! LOL!!

You can see her true colors in these photos. It's not as pretty as in person. She is a bluey lavender. Her "points" are very dark charcoal grey. And she has beautiful blue eyes.
We are so attached to her I pray the Lord blesses her with a long life!

Monday, February 1, 2016

The new pack

 This is Sassy at 8 weeks. She's 2 1/2 now.

And Martha at 8 wks, now 2 years this month.

This is Winty at 5 weeks.
All three are British Labs from an outstanding breeder.

Notice above that Sassy has a black nose and eyes with her nearly "white"/yellow British Lab coloring. Sassy is from 2 light "white"/yellow parents) 
And Martha has a brown nose and as a puppy light brown eyes that turned brown. (Martha is from 2 chocolate British Labs)

Winty is also from 2 chocolate British Labs who carried yellow recessive genes. So he has a liver nose and "blueish" eyes. Way too cute! 

Oh my sweet angel boy Snow. He found a soft place to rest his beautiful head.

He was leashed when I couldn't watch him so he wouldn't have an "accident". He had a very very finicky tummy like many German Shepherd breeds do. And he had "blow outs" frequently. He never gave any signals, it just shot out. If I was there I could get him out the door, if not it could end up on the carpets. He never chose near the door!!

When he turned 7, I bought $$ worth of plastic office type floor protectors to put over the carpet and under rugs in case. It was quite a chore moving furniture etc. It took Faith and I about 4 hours. Then he was able to move around more when I was down stairs. He hated stairs because of his pannus, another GSD common disease causing blindness.

I bought Snow "as is". He had "faults". It was not bad breeding. His breeder is wonderful. Our purebred Pembroke Corgi had faults too, but she lived 14 1/2 years. I had hoped Snow would at least make it to 10 ..........or 12.

He was 27 1/2 inches tall and 120 pounds. I absolutely love Shiloh Shepherds, but I will never have the physical strength to care for a dog that size again. There was a time I'd hoped I'd die with one hand on my Shiloh Shepherd. But it will have to be a British Labrador. ;o)

I had seen a special on the news about British Labs years back. Always tucked in the back of my mind I wondered about them. They aren't as tall as American Labs. (We had an big American Lab years back who had missing enzymes and couldn't digest his food.) British Labs are compact and sturdy- think pit bull body! LOL! I was afraid they might not be "strong" enough to assist me. I'm not a tiny person.

Martha is 85 pounds (quite big for a girl) and Sassy is 75 pounds.(on the high end for a girl) Not sure how tall the girls are! They are snoring right now- don't want to wake them to measure! LOL! Winty should reach 85-90 pounds.

I thank God that I found our British Labrador breeder. They are amazing and produce the most well socialized puppies I have ever seen. They are a beautiful Christian family. With lots of happy/cute kids. I have so much respect for their work with the dogs. It's a full time job.

Martha is a pet, her job is loving on the boys.
Sassy is my Service dog. Her job is assisting me as I walk long distances.

Winty.........well we're not sure. Will he surpass Sassy in her work with me and take over? It will be fun to see what his "job" will be!

In the meantime in honor of our gift from God, Snow, we are adding a boy. Snow would never want us to mourn his life. He'd want us to celebrate his life with life. Snow was an angel. (messenger) We remember to PRAISE our God every time we think of him! Always giving God the Glory!

The new baby

He's not home yet.
He'll be here soon.
His name is Winter Sunshine.
In memory of Snow.
I call him Winty.
Tom calls him.........................."Fuzzy"??????

Sunday, January 31, 2016

God is Good!

I can't see myself without You
With You I get strength to do things I've never ever dreamt in a million years
I'm unstoppable 'cause You're here with me
Unbelievable how I can believe how powerful You've caused me to be, yeah

See only You got me flying with eagles, walking on water
With You I can do the impossible
Jump over mountains with one single bound
I've found out I can do the impossible
Do the impossible

No other soul could have saved me
I feel You in every heartbeat
You're incredible, invincible - so easy to see You've strengthened me
I'm out of this world, oh yeah, now that I'm with You
I'm unbreakable, there ain't no way I can lose

See only You got me flying with eagles, walking on water
With You I can do the impossible
Jump over mountains with one single bound
I've found out I can do the impossible
Do the impossible

'Cause heaven is at the end of this road
Me and You, now I know I'm not alone
You're pierced in my heart, You're not just in my head
This is what makes You the best

See only You got me flying with eagles, walking on water
With You I can do the impossible
Jump over mountains with one single bound
I've found out I can do the impossible
Do the impossible

No other soul could have saved me
I feel You in every heartbeat

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sisters in life, Sisters in Christ

Our Isaiah used the flash on these pictures so they are a little washed out.

Jesus told his Disciples~
Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. (NKJV)

Faith dresses "like" Steve Irwin. Everything is about Australia. Everything is about "the Crocodile Hunter". She just had a birthday and turned 15 this month. She out grew some of her polos and cargo little sister decided she too wants to dress like her big sister??????? what???????
Kitty and I shake our heads!

When Lysa was born Faith was very delayed socially. She was 18 months old. She did not understand emotions, social situations, bonding. She had a friend one year older who she adored, and copied when they played together.

And then Lysa was born. By the time Lysa was 18 months old and Faith was 3, Lysa was the "big" sister. Faith learned everything from copying Lysa and watching her. And Lysa seemed to take it all in stride.

And then one day when Faith turned 12, she decided to assert that she was the "big" sister. And she's never looked back. :o)
Lysa being the amazing sister she is accepts Faith as she is and supports her.

Kitty and Lysa did not completely understand Faith's challenges until this past year. They have always been amazing Sisters who LOVE each other unconditionally and inspire each other's faith in Christ. Kitty and Lysa are learning how to help and support Faith in decision making and social situations.

However, I'm still hoping Lysa finds her own style soon! LOL!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A New Year, a New Bible!

Each January I like to buy a new New Testament. (KJV) There are quite a few reasonably priced paper copies available that are not too small in size. But the print is quite small. 
I like to highlight my New Testament heavily. I like to mark what I've read and mark who I want to share it with later.
I highlight the OT as well but not as heavily :o)
I once purchased a bible that had a margin for notes, but the print and the margin were much too small.
I have cataracts and can only see out of my left eye.

 This is an 18 point print bible. I found a 24 point print bible that was only available in the newly updated NIV which I'm not a fan of. I still need a very bright magnifying light to read this.
Plus I can only highlight here. No room for my notes.

Often I go online to Bible Gateway to print books of the bible or passages for the kids. Yesterday as I was doing that I thought, what if I printed off what I was studying in +150 magnification. As shown above. So I did and I LOVE it!!

Isaiah and I are studying Psalms together, I am printing each Psalm separately.
But for my book of Matthew reading I printed off Chapters1-4 all together.
I printed 20 Psalms just to have ahead as we study. I printed Matthew 5-6 for today. This way I am not printing hundreds of sheets of paper at one time. It makes it very manageable. I am filing the pages in a large binder.

The 18 point print bible paper/pages are also colored off white making them harder for me to read. The printer paper is a lovely crisp white with black ink, I don't even need magnification or bright lights to read it!

This is my Sassy, my Service Dog. She came over to help me take the pictures- LOL! She also keeps my feet warm as I sit and print!

Psalm 3 (NKJV)

The Lord Helps His Troubled People

A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom his son.

Lord, how they have increased who trouble me!
Many are they who rise up against me.
Many are they who say of me,
There is no help for him in God.” Selah
But You, O Lordare a shield for me,
My glory and the One who lifts up my head.
I cried to the Lord with my voice,
And He heard me from His holy hill. Selah
I lay down and slept;
I awoke, for the Lord sustained me.
I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people
Who have set themselves against me all around.
Arise, O Lord;
Save me, O my God!
For You have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone;
You have broken the teeth of the ungodly.
Salvation belongs to the Lord.
Your blessing is upon Your people. Selah

(I have my own Absalom. I know how David felt. These words give me strength.)

If you know anyone with a visual disability this "large" printing of the bible would be an amazing gift!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Praise Him!

 One of my "Editors", of this blog, reminded me that I am late in posting the pictures of her incredibly talented hair styling!

The "alligators" and jewels are from jewelry! If she finds it- it goes in her hair! LOL! Don't ask me how she does it! The alligators have only one end that is attachable and yet they are firmly in her hair!
Explaining things is not her strength so she can't even explain it to me! :o)
For many years I tried to fix her hair, only to have her cover it with a dress up wig or a hat!! and ruin it quickly!
Now she does her own hair! We did not "teach" her. Altho she did watch me do her sisters hair.

This was the beginning for her! She was about 10. I thought this hair do was spectacular! Little did I know! She never quit experimenting!

I barely comb my hair each day- LOL! I find washing it time consuming enough! ;o)
My sweet mother has been fixing her hair since she was a teenager. From spit curls (1940s), to rollers (1960s) to the curling iron (1980s). At age 82 she still gets up and curls her hair daily!! Honestly I don't know how or why she does it. But obviously my lack of talent in doing any style with my hair keeps me from a routine like that!

I have had to learn to cut and fix my children's hair. But nothing as beautiful as what Faith can do. I do LOVE every single hair on my sweet one's heads. As they grew I told them that.
PRAISE God for His great gifts!!