Friday, April 3, 2015


I may have mentioned that Faith has a fascination with Australia! LOL! And Steve Irwin.
She even raided her brothers hand me down box for some "Steve Irwin" shorts! LOL! That she is wearing below.

 We celebrated her birthday in January with an Australian theme.
She used the cut outs to decorate her room.

(her bed is the bottom bunk now, she switched with Kitty)

 On the old dollhouse, now being used as a book shelf.

                                                            Up by Lysa's bed!

                                               In the hallway enering the room.

What was once Hello Kitty, Princess, Minnie Mouse (for Mercy), Princess Tiana, Barbie decorated room...............has now been invaded by the Australia bug! LOL!
We are all trying to talk her out of moving to Australia. We hope she can visit Australia with a guide. But we tell her we'll cry if she lives that far away. She thinks we should toughen up! Oh my the imagination of a teen with FAS. Funny, exciting and frightening all at the same time!
And I wouldn't trade her for the world!
I LOVE you Baby!

Friday, March 20, 2015


 Once a week we have a special family dinner. 
We picked a night that worked for Grace and Dan's busy schedule. It is so nice to keep in touch this way. Otherwise we only see each other on Holidays. And last Christmas I had to send Grace and Dan their Christmas dinner because the kids here were very sick.

Off of the dining room to the left is a bedroom. We fill it with toys and Mercy and the boys play in there while we eat. They have already eaten first. They run in and out to see us!

The only reason they don't eat with us- they don't like our food! I eat Low Carb/Paleo. And Grace eats strict Paleo. However Grace will eat a little cheese or Heavy Whipping Cream if I use them. :o)
The boys and Mercy do not chew well. This was a chewy dinner!

This dinner was baked apples, with walnuts and cinnamon and no sweeteners. Dinner was stuffed green peppers with farm raised hamburger beef, wild rice (which is not a rice- but a grass seed), mushrooms and cheese. I also made Brazilian cheese puffs using tapioca flour-eggs and cheese. They are addictive! Grace brought Zucchini "noodles" and strawberries.

 Faith LOVES when we have family dinners! :o)

Some nights we talk long. Some nights Dan and Grace have somewhere to go after dinner. So the meal and the meal time prayers are the most important. We LOVE that we can touch base. And we don't have to wait till Easter to see each other! :o)
(please don't get sick on Easter kids!!)

 On the left- Kitty, Samson,Lysa. On the right- Faith, Grace, Dan.
Isaiah and I were on the end of the table that you can't see. 
Isaiah took the photos for me.

The 4 children and Samson eat more than Dan!! LOL! Yes itty bitty Kitty ate both those green peppers on her plate, and her apple, cheese puffs, strawberries and noodles! 

Today it's Friday! We will be Welcoming our guests at 5 p.m.!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A package filled with LOVE~

                               Again~ all photos by Isaiah! :o)

Some very precious friends, another adoptive RR mamma and her family, sent us a surprise this week!
We have never met in person, but I know her beautiful heart well! We are Sisters in Christ and Sisters by adoption.
She sent us these cute spring window decorations that now brighten the back door in my upstairs bedroom.

The "fab four" wanted to show everyone what we got! 

 Isaiah thinks these "eyeballs" from our friends are the coolest ever. They make his hand a puppet. All of the pictures of him are his selfies. :o)

 He drew his first pictionary picture of me! Smiling with lipstick (which I never wear ha! ha!) and nail polish! (which I never have time to put on!) It was cute, he wanted to cheer me up! I hadn't been feeling well.

 Faith holding up what she picked from the package. 
After she picked, she promptly came downstairs to tell all of our company that was visiting ; that she had a new address book and needed their phone numbers, e-mail addys and their addresses! LOL!

 Lysa closed her eyes for every? photo??!!
She was thrilled, even if her eyes are closed! LOL!

 Silly Kitty, (who we also call "Hello Kitty") thinks our friends knew that she has a Hello Kitty collection! Yes, that is a doll on her head! :o)

                                            She really likes this little doll!

They made a display of some of the other things in the box! I LOVE the CD. It is Meredith Andrews. (a Christian singer/song writer)
Not shown is the adorable Tshirt she sent me which I am wearing. :o) 

We are sending a BIG LOVING Thank You!! To our precious friends who took time to be Jesus and LOVE our family with this surprise.
We LOVE you All so much!

And to our precious readers who make us smile and pray for us and LOVE us. We Thank You too! Words are not enough to express how Thankful we are!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Another daughter married

All of my current adult daughters have married now. This daughter lived with her boy friend for many years before they married. We weren't invited to the wedding. I haven't attended every wedding my daughters have had.
My two oldest daughters were married several times.
None of my 4 adult eligible sons (Samson will never marry so I don't count him :o) have married yet. Altho one has a son, but my son his father, is in prison.
When they are at home, and they are little, you can never imagine.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Please send snow!

 This was early February. It was 5 p.m. but with clouds and night sky coming it looked darker. My Isaiah took the pictures. And the temperatures were so cold I was not brave enough to go out and take any of him.
Kitty is making a snow angel.

Where is the snow?
Today the weather man suggested the "possibility" of 3 inches next week?

 Lysa and Kitty trying to have a snow ball fight! But it was too powdery.

                                                                       Silly girls!

 But as I mentioned last post. They didn't stay out long. Their little brothers and Mercy absolutely detest snow and cold so we can't even coax them out. :o(

Their attitudes are wonderful though! And that's what counts! :o)
                               Happy Days! Happy family!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February fun!

               It's very cold outside tonight, but it's warm inside!  

We have had very little snow here. So only 2 play days all winter out in the snow. :o( One day after it snowed it got well below zero and they decided to come in because it was just too cold.

You can see here how little snow we have. :o( Very unusual for Minnesota. One winter a few years back we had less snow, but it was quite warm all winter. It was actually kind of fun since it was warm! But this super freezing below zero temps without snow this year is no fun!

 I changed the title of the blog to reflect our lives. The bible verse I quoted under the title is Isaiah's favorite verse. He's a very thoughtful young man.

We only have 1 precious adult daughter and her husband who come to see us and are actively involved in our children's lives. 

Many of our "gifts" (children) were only with us for a season. Three are in heaven and others have chosen to live lives we can't support. 

I chose the title- For the LOVE of Isaiah, because of our little boy Isaiah. He was born to parents (us) who were 47 and 50. It was a difficult pregnancy and birth. The odds were against both of us living. But we did. He beat incredible odds. Tom and I won't have the kind of time with him we had with our older children who are now ages 20-39. We aren't young anymore. When we die Isaiah will not have a birth sibling or any birth family member that he can visit or spend time with. Tom and I are all he has.

Kitty, Lysa, and Faith have birth families they may choose to re-join. 

Isaiah has spent over half of his short life LOVING orphans. He was only 5 when he decided we should expand our family. Without his prompting I don't think we would have thought about it! We thought we were too old to adopt anymore- but we had him!! We realized that God did not think we were too old! Isaiah adores all of his brothers and sisters. He is the best brother anyone could ask for. 

The blogspot address here did not change. It is still

                                  Kitty is as cute and sweet as she looks! 

Isaiah took all of the pictures here. They all wanted to jump off the table and take "action" shots- but I told them to wait till spring and jump off  of things on the deck! LOL!! No jumping off of tables in my house!

                        These two LOVE hard and fight hard.
They tend to be very short tempered with each other. I wish I knew why. They are too darn cute to fight! 

I'm glad they like pretty dresses. I used to sew their birthmom (my birthdaughter) dresses. She loved dresses too. But now I'm too busy to sew dresses with so many little boys! 

 My name sake. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady.

 This crazy teen wants to now be Steve Irwin. AND she wants to go to Australia! She dug through her older brother's hand me downs and found the "perfect" Steve Irwin shorts!!??
She wears these in the freezing weather under her snow pants as she puts the dogs out!! LOL!!

 Supposedly this is an Australian pose? LOL!!
I didn't realize the little boy's school table had so many other uses!

If you notice in these pictures that there is a blue waste basket on the shelving- you would be correct! :o) Little boys love waste baskets so we put it up high! Only Julius dares to climb up for it!!

                                                              Sisters for life!

The grand finale- Isaiah sets up a selfie! LOL!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

WELCOME! To the silly house!

Isaiah wanted to capture the ambiance of our entry way with our new faux wood stove/electric heater! 
The "four" (Faith,Lysa,Kitty,Isaiah) as we call them- put the heater together for me. :o)

The red in front of the heater is a footstool that holds the little boy shoes. I may need to move it since the heater blows harder than I though it would.

You can just barely see the faux fire flames in the heater because of the lights!

On either side of the heater are my Grandparents large living room chairs. Chairs that they sat on in their living room for over 40 years.
I remember Grandpa reading the paper in his chair with his feet up on the footstool. Grandma didn't get as much time to sit! :o) 
We had the matching footstool but it died. The chairs are hanging in well, and we keep them covered. We sit in them to put our shoes/boots on and off. The chair covers here are nicer than they look. They just kind of throw over the chairs.

 Kitty is Isaiah's model! He shut some lights off here to try and capture the faux flames. They do look pretty realistic!
The window glass I painted with window paints yeeeeears ago. 

This porch was once open to the outdoors only. We enclosed it in 1990 to make an entry way, coat closet, and office for our Group Home. Our Group Home has lots of paperwork/files and many meetings here at a table to the left.

Now Kitty is siting in the chair to the right. The one most used by MA and SP when they get home. It has the added blue waterproof pad for accidents. We remove it when company comes! LOL!! 
Isaiah has opened the front door to show how things look coming in. :o)

Kitty back in the chair to the left as Isaiah comes in the house!

 Such silly kids! LOL!! You can see the footstool and chair here better. Isaiah is still half in, half out of the house!

He also made the video below. I thought it was very cute. But they shut the lights off to film by the faux fire in the wood stove so it's pretty dark, it didn't work well. They get a big kick out of watching the video, it's more fun to see them watch it! LOL! I hope it works here! I'll have Isaiah do another one next time!

I hope you can hear Kitty ask Isaiah who he is when she lets him in. That catches him off guard and he can't think of a funny answer fast enough! In the back ground you can hear Faith talking to SP about "cloudy with a chance of meatballs".

LOVE LOVE LOVE my silly babies!