Wednesday, July 22, 2015


 Lysa (behind Faith? LOL!) turned 13 years old on Sunday!
We have lots of celebrations here.
Family Friday dinners celebrate family.
Tea parties, birthdays, baptisms. We celebrate lots of things!

We need them after the attacks we've suffered in the past by those that I thought loved us. They meant to attack me but they also hurt these children in the process. Shame on them. 

The girls set the Tea time table under Isaiah's watchful eye! :o) He was our photographer. We had a few dishes break that we replaced with cheap China. But then I found a good deal on "seconds" of Tea pottery made in England and could not pass it up!

Five years of Tea making ;o) 14, 13 and 12 years of sisterhood.

Once someone said to me "They just smile for the camera." How rude. What a hurtful thing to say. It insults their intelligence.

The table cloth is a beautiful quilt I found one year on q*V*c.
The owl mug and the roses covered Tea pint jar are the new (seconds) English pottery. Tonight the girls chose the Chinese pottery mostly.

 Lemon Tea Cakes, left over batter from Lysa's birthday cake that had fresh Lemon butter cream frosting.

 The girls like the China cups more than the English roses pottery mugs. To me these are just good enough dishes :o) not my go to. Reliably pretty.

When I answered the call to adopt I felt that I was good enough. Not perfect. Not "better". Good enough. I knew my flaws better than anyone, I'm not stupid and I've never denied being a sinner in need of a Saviour. Those that chose to punish me for being human, shame on them that you attack the person God sent. And your point has been made- I was not good enough. Will you now be happy?
My sole goal was to point you in the direction of God.
Obviously I failed miserably. You couldn't hurt me more than that. 

This is not our normal Tea tray! LOL! It's actually a tray we use at lunch. But Lysa's favorite color is Lavender- mine too!

We make so many happy memories, tucking them in our hearts. We need them for when the storms appear out of no where to steal our JOY. satan never rests and he uses those we trusted, cared about, against us.

Lysa has grown almost taller than Faith now!! They are getting so tall! And of course I've already started shrinking (1 " so far). 
God is GOOD! 

Romans 8:28 (NKJV)

28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Lord's Army~

 So not to be left out of military service, :o) we recognize Missionary Kitty who is joining the Lord's Army!

 If she doesn't win hearts to Christ no one can! 
She started out wanting to go to China. And then Africa. And well after she reads another book on another missionary, she may change her mind and decide that that's the destination for her! The missionary group/school she hopes to join (after high school) does not give you choices of where to serve.  So she won't find out where for a long time!

 We are huge supporters of  The Voice of the Martyrs . (click on their name for the link) Kitty hands out brochures and free supporting DVDs. Here she is showing us "dying for Christ". One of the Martyrs expressed that "we only die once, why not die for Christ." We found that so profound. And humbling. 
We don't live every day where we can be killed at any time, for our beliefs. And we can't preach to these people because they won't accept foreigners preaching. The true heroes, the Martyrs have been attacked, killed, lost children, wives, parents and they continue on preaching His Word. 
I'm ashamed of all I take for granted.

It is such a blessing to have children with hearts to serve.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunday at our house

 It has been hot here. But mornings are cool enough for bunnies and others to run around.
If they look tired they are! :o) They get up a half hour early to work on their fitness plan. Their goal right now is 25 push ups and sit ups and run 1/2 a mile. They are getting into shape for basic training :o) So far they run the long length of a block and walk a couple lengths. I don't know how they stay so motivated ;o) But I'm inspired. Goals are good!

At our house we live stream church from the computer. Our communion set to the right. Sometimes a few boys join us, sometimes they sit with dad downstairs. 
MA, SP, Samson and Mercy refuse to attend church. SP would tell you that lightening strikes people who pray!
We started live streaming years back because of my health. Now even if I'm well enough to go, we have no one to care for those here who are ill, or refuse to go.
We even attend via internet when we are in the woods of northern MN!

Our song books. 
A dear friend made me the quilt they are on. It is made out of used denim donated to her! She is in her 80s.
Of all the heart ache the internet can bring. This blessing of attending Church makes us very happy! It is a blessing!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Big Futures!

 Miss Lysa informed us that she is joining the Marines after high school!! You can't see the insignia on her hat- it is the Marines.

 Standing next to her sister Faith's bed! LOL! Looks a bit contrary with the "Melbourne" sign!

We have started a physio plan for those who want to pass their Basic training. (Isaiah & Lysa) Jogging, sit ups and swimming lessons! 

Once again I asked why not the Army? My dad is retired Army, Tom is 11 year veteran. Nope, no Army. We are turning into a multiple Military service family!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A new baby :o)

 Family Friday dinner July 3rd- Celebrating Independence Day!!
Miss Lovey (Grace) made this beautiful fruit cake for our dinner!

 Faith always ready for a picture! LOL! She's serving the Green Beans Alfredo. (I cook the green beans in a crockpot of chicken broth before adding the home made alfredo sauce, it's a big favorite) Front right you can see we had stuffed green peppers, another big favorite. The stuffing was cheddar cheese, basmati rice, turkey and mayonnaise. Of course everything is seasoned with garlic and onion- my go to spices for everything except desserts. LOL! 

Isaiah was taking the pictures standing without much luck.

So here Isaiah stood on a chair! :o) 
Samson does not like his stuffing in peppers! So we put it in a bowl. Then he can serve himself his green beans etc in his bowl by himself. Plates have a way of making food slide off when he tries. 

 Miss Kitty with a heart for serving others. She loves to do the dishes for us. No small feat for a family our size.

 She does a wonderful job!
I don't know what we'd do without her. She just had her physical for Jr High. The Dr asked if she had any problems. I said "Yes, she's too cute, she's too sweet, too smart, and she's too helpful!"

Last but not least our new baby Violet! She's only 5 weeks old. So we can't pick her up until late August at 12 weeks old. She'll be spayed and micro chipped by then. We can't wait. The 3 older girls have wanted a kitty forever. But we had to find the "right" kitty for our family. We haven't had a cat since 1996!! The girls have already picked out clothes and bling collars and a pink angel wing harness for her! She will be spoiled! I don't know how we can wait!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Somewhere to chill out

The little boys and Mercy have the 12' x 25' deck. And they love it! Keeps them out of the flowers and away from one of the busiest streets in the city- only 30' away from our yard. The surface/decking is flat so they don't trip and fall, like they do in the yard. The sunsetter keeps them cool. They LOVE it!

But the big kids needed somewhere to go by themselves without little brothers/sister.
Our small back yard was waiting!

Tom left us some piles of yard trash piles- but we are getting him to finish the job!
Tom has let the lilac bushes (left of Lysa) get out of control!
There isn't much grass back here because of the pine trees. But the big kids don't sit in the grass. :o)

Behind Lysa (below) to the right you can go up stairs to my bedroom. It is fenced in so when I open my bedroom door the dogs run into the kennel on their own.
In the evening the kids run down here from my room.

 These were taken the night they set it up. Since then they have washed and wiped down everything from the winter dust/dirt. We also put up 20 solar lights here to light it up at night. 
Years ago we had a nice sized portable pool out here. The middle group of kids, now grown, swam in it.

Behind the grill (above) is our 5' x 18' dog kennel. We covered it with tarps, the dogs have less to "worry" about since they can't see people walk by. Faith keeps the kennel clean 5 x a day. Thank You Faith! Just yesterday Faith told me "You can never have too many dogs!!" WHAT??

 My favorite swing! It hasn't been out for a while. Too busy bringing home children!
Our chimnea-(back right) we've never had a fire in it. Fire scares me in the city. Up north we have very carefully planned fires. Some neighbors burn their last years garden brush with a permit in the city. But its been too dry to get a permit. We have to pay the city a lot of money to haul away yard trash. Up north its burned in an hour for free. Makes no sense.

 Our pines are huge. But since the drought they don't look well. Isaiah laying down looking up!

 The 4 big kids LOVE their new place to enjoy the summer weather together. They want to make hot dogs on the grill every night! LOL! I think they did a fantastic job! Now if we could only get rid of the mosquitoes! 

Isaiah, our future Air Force son always watching the sky for planes.
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