Monday, November 9, 2015

Lysa using her God given creativity to Worship Him!

 She was born my Granddaughter. But God creates families. 

She is my daughter. 

I was there the day she was born.

She inherited a long line of artistic talent, my Great Uncle Sig, my precious mother Shirley, myself, my daughters Angel and Grace, and now Lysa and her sisters Kitty and Faith.

Lysa is making an illustrated bible. 
Her illustrations are so good that you can tell "Book- Chapter and Verse" just looking at them!

 If you click on these photos they enlarge. 

She draws from her heart.

 God creating man!

 Adam and Eve!

 Satan the snake!

 Isaiah took these pictures. We are so proud of her. We LOVE everything about her! She has a HUGE HEART FOR God. She turned 13 in July. The time flies so fast. She's becoming a beautiful young woman inside and out. She is a gift from God to our family. 

 Noah's Ark.

 The rainbow!

These are just a few of the many pages she's completed so far. She works on it in between her Math homeschool. Her and Isaiah work really hard on their Math.
I Thank God for the gift of Lysa, we give God the GLORY!

Friday, November 6, 2015

My three dogs!

 My big boy Snow now 7 1/2 years old. I adore him. We call him our "white rug" because he takes up half the floor and you have to walk over him! He's 27" tall and 120 pounds. He's a house dog. He hates the outdoors! Snow "alerts" me to everything. Strangers coming to near my back steps, kids sneaking or fighting, anyone entering the room. He has a very bad left hip. It pains him when the weather changes. Faith helps me lift his back end up with a sling when its too much for him. When Faith, Lysa, Kitty and Zay are gone I won't be able to have a dog this size again.

I just threw this photo in, it is the 3rd floor of Violet's cat cage. She stays in the cat cage when we leave the house. She's too young to leave in a room, she might chew on an electrical cord or use her lovely claws on the furniture! We tie strings of fleece and fleece "blankies" for her and she ravages them with her teeth and claws! Crazy girl!
She sleeps and eats on the second floor of the cage and the first floor has her litter box.

 Our chocolate lab Martha (named after "Martha Speaks") is graduating from her crate. She is almost 3 years old now. (in 2 months) She has been a bit of a challenge as a "chewer". She's finally settling down to chewing her nylabones only!

Here I was setting up Martha's new "bed area". No bed yet till she proves she won't chew it! 

First I had to move Sassy's bed. This is the bottom of Sassy's dog bed. Sassy is under it. Sassy was in my way so I just set everything on top of her when she refused to move and she stayed under there??!!

 Martha peeking out of her crate wondering why Sassy is under there? And why she can't keep her crate!
Snow hated losing his crate years ago! If I couldn't find him it was because he slipped into one of the girl's crates while they were being put out to potty! LOL!

 Now I put Sassy's things back. But this crate is going! Sassy is the lightest color of the yellow labs, almost white. My vision is very poor. I can't "see" Martha. I never cared for white pets until I couldn't see!!

Martha is not happy about "change". She is a stubborn girl. She's maybe too laid back if there is such a thing. Unless she chews! She puts a lot of strength and energy into chewing!

I had always wanted a "lap dog". But I never had any luck house breaking my little Pom. So I found her a new home where she now goes on puppy pads in the house. I'm afraid if I have any dog use puppy pads that Snow will want to use them too!

However, I finally do have someone on my lap! Violet is my "lap cat" LOL!

I kept trying to get a flattering picture of Martha! She's not helping! She looks "guilty" here! LOL!

She might not look it but she is 80 pounds. She is built even bigger (rounder) than Sassy. And Sassy is built like a pit bull! They are British Labs. Shorter and stockier. But I was told the girls would weigh about 60 pounds!! If they weren't such good girls I would not have the strength for them. They are almost too big.

Martha was spayed mid-heat. This has made her shape different. Her tummy/mammary glands have stayed looking enlarged almost like a "false pregnancy". I should have taken her earlier, but the heat was so long we thought she was done.

Martha's job here is "being" with the kids. She just curls up at their feet and naps.

 Sassy is my service dog. She is always with me. She wears a harness and a pack. She stabilizes me as I walk, I fall easily. She's much cuter than a cane! 

From the day she came home at 8 weeks old weighing 15 pounds she could counter balance my weight as I put on my shoes standing. I was amazed. Snow, much bigger cannot support me if I start to fall. Sassy now knows to sit instinctively and counter balance me. I can "catch" myself with her weight if I start to fall. She is 75 pounds of pure muscle. Martha has more "fat". ;o)
I thought maybe Martha would be better suited to help me, but Sassy is more eager and in tune to me.

I didn't think of taking a photo after we fixed Martha's new sleeping area. I'll do it tomorrow. We put a 24" high xpen up to partition Martha's area. She's not very happy that her crate is gone. But hopefully she'll adjust quickly so we can remove the xpen and she can sneak into Sassy's bed with her!
Late at night when I stay up with MA these three keep me company!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A lovely gift! And our unbiased review of Matcha Tea

 Every so often we get asked to blog about certain topics on both blogs. If I think it's a worth while cause I do!

Once in a while we are offered a free gift to try. 
Last month we were offered a chance to try Matcha Tea!!
I was very excited, because we eat "Primal". And our friends who have paleo/primal food blogs, as well as wellness Drs have all spoken highly of Matcha Tea.

On Saturday our free tea came. 
We had a long list of uses and recipes to try it with.
It is so versatile! You can add it as a savory spice to roasts and veggies. You can sprinkle it on flax meal pancakes. You can add it to custards and ricotta cheese as a dessert. Make popsicles with it, sprinkle it over popcorn, or mix in yogurt!
I couldn't wait to try these. The health benefits of Matcha Tea are huge. And there are a millions of uses I was wanting to try.

Until........ I had a 1/2 tsp of Matcha mixed in my coffee with heavy cream.

I am completely addicted to my new afternoon "pick me up" drink.
Previously I had tried a well publicized Australian Tea in the afternoon. I hadn't cared for it.

Faith, Lysa, Kitty and Isaiah tried the Matcha for their afternoon "Tea time" too. They enjoyed it.

Below is a link to buy it, read about it, or read the reviews. (I get NO compensation for this) This link is on a*ma*zon.
If you click on "other sellers" to the right you can see the LIFE&FOOD link. They have a 100% satisfaction rating. They are the company that gave us our sample. I noticed I can buy a larger size (if you click on sizes available) at a much cheaper price.
It is expensive, I think my jar should last me one month. As I will use 1/2 tsp once a day. I'm glad I tried it!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Edible crafts

After the kids painted their pumpkins and the pumpkins sat out decorating our deck throughout October. I inspected the pumpkins more closely.
Sure enough! They weren't field pumpkins! They were "sugar" pumpkins.
We still would have eaten them if they were field pumpkins.
But sugar pumpkins are tastier!

We washed the tempra non toxic paint off. And after 2 hours in the crockpot on high. We had yummy pumpkin!
We made pumpkin custard, pumpkin cheese cake, pumpkin pie and garlic/butter pumpkin.

 Isaiah is quite the Chef. He bakes the pumpkin seeds at 425 for 15 minutes in olive oil. They love them!

 The finished seeds. 

Kitty waiting for her share!

Meanwhile at the Ranch the pilgrims eat Thanksgiving Dinner every single night in November.
Because we are Very Thankful!
p.s. notice their pumpkin seeds in the middle of the table :o)

Violet snuggles in Kitty's warm blankies, staying far from the cool Fall night air.  

Friday, October 30, 2015

Violet and Kitty ;o)

Don't be frightened! It's only Violet! and Kitty! 

Of course with mybig pumpkin theme Violet must dress as pumpkin too!
Oddly enough I have had no inclination to buy any pumpkin outfits for my sweet dogs! LOL!

Violet however loves getting dressed up. It does not slow down her activities at all. 
This costume was for advertised for a small dog. :o)

Violet does not like strangers. So we won't be showing her to the trick or treaters. 
Violet is a silly cat, if she likes you she LOVES you and completely trusts you. Even if you tell her her least favorite word- "no"! LOL! 
Once when I had to tell her no she decided to leap through the air and literally fly around the room. As if I would chase her?? Silly cat!

We are totally and completely smitten with our kitten! :o)

We can't get enough of Violet's adorable little face, she has a million expressions! (Of course our sweet Kitty pumpkin steals our hearts too!)

Kitty puts Violet in her bed, after she shows everyone how cute Violet looks! Violet loves beds! She also likes a little quiet.

In the meantime they set up their Fall and Thanksgiving fisher price "people".

As Violet settles in for a nap. :o)

Its our favorite time of year. When we THANK God for everything He has done. PRAISE God! His Will be done!