Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hot July

 I have been so tired. I recently recovered from an infection in my jaw from a dental procedure. Just the other day the dentist told me sometimes these infections spread to the brain as well. I just had no symptoms until it was quite bad. Now in the summer heat, I'm exhausted.
I had to cut back my computer time so we could get important things done. :o) And heal.

 Every few years we go through hand-me-downs. The girls and Isaiah took "fashion" pictures of their favorite "finds".
We cleaned out a lot of room since we toss 50% of the 3 older girls hand-me-downs that won't fit Mercy.

 Lysa loves turtlenecks! She made Faith try one of her "new" ones on! LOL! Oh how these 4 LOVE each other! :o) They are incredibly fun, good kids!

Their favorite "find" was skirts from India that I'd gotten quite a deal on. They looked so pretty! Until............

Miss Faith insisted they ALL dress up as Steve Irwin. Faith dresses like Steve Irwin 99% of the time??!! (she pretends to live in the Outback and uses Australian "slang" LOL!)
Kitty hates khakis. Lysa actually likes them! With other tops!

 Back to the pretty skirts. They are 13-14-15 now :o)

Isaiah refuses to wear any Steve Irwin type clothing- LOL! And no skirts of course! ;o) Isaiah is 12, adding to the 13,14,15!

 Faith looks like Jasmine finding the diamond in Aladdin! Our oldest daughter Angel was half Lebanese, and she had a collection of Aladdin things.(many that I bought her)  Angel loved Jasmine because Jasmine was the Middle Eastern Disney princess, like her. :o) When Angel died we gave her Aladdin things to Faith. Faith was always drawn to Aladdin more than the African Disney princess. In fact Faith's birth mom named her Jasmine at birth. :o)

                                            Miss Kitty
                          Lysa modeling and praying. :o)

 We ordered 50 pounds of potatoes this month from Azure.
The kids favorite is when I cook them in fatty broth. I make turkey or chicken in the crockpot. When its done split up the broth into 2 crockpots and boil the potatoes in them. So much tastier than potatoes boiled in water.
Sometimes I mash them into soup too.

 I make our un-processed grain free cake mixes in bulk so I can grab a jar- add eggs/oil/and fruit and bake. Very quick!
These are chocolate with coconut flour.

 We sorted out the boy's and Mercy's school boxes for Fall. They take summer off from homeschool. The 4 older kids do not.

 Lots of paper and other fun things to write on with fresh markers and crayons! They are very hard on their things so each year the box contents are tossed and new added.

 The older kids finished up a huge history unit on Laura Ingalls Wilder. This Fall they will start Laura's favorite arts and crafts and build a western fort. Their favorite Wilder book, besides the Little House series, is her Devotional with all of her favorite bible verses. Its not in the stack because someone is always reading it and exclaiming "THAT'S MY FAVORITE VERSE TOO!" :o)

Violet says "Hugs and prayers till next time!"

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Our fun pets :o)

Winty now 6 months! Oh my but he is a bundle of legs!  Our female British Labs are quite short and stocky. He is already as tall as the females.

Isaiah was able to still lift him up. He's not too heavy- just all legs!

I love how he looks so intently to us for our approval. He is the easiest puppy we've ever raised!
Of course puppies are babies so he's still a puppy, but a very good puppy. :o)

Now that "catty" (Violet) has no front claws the girls enjoy treating her like a baby! LOL! So now Violet lets out LOUD protests because she can't "scratch" them!! She is one LOUD cat! LOL!

                                       Lysa's baby! ;o)

I never posted these. The kids loved having the Butterflies in the house that we raised from caterpillars. We couldn't let them outside. It was too chilly. They each had an injury as well. One had a bad wing, another a bad leg. Not sure how they got these little injuries. The kids were careful and Violet never got near them.

They drank watered down maple syrup. They drank a lot of it each day!

We're going to get more next year and hopefully we'll do better at keeping them injury free!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Is June really almost over??

3 things that make me smile- British roses pottery, fresh lemons,

 and a cute hand towel my mom bought me while it Forida. She goes to Alabama every winter on the train. Then they drive to fun places in FL.

I hadn't been very well this month. So with so much time spent at the Drs, the place I try never to go, the days felt wasted. I couldn't get done what I wanted to.

We are doing our annual State mandated testing. Mr Dad is "late" with it as usual.

In the meantime as I work on getting well, three of the older 4, decided to try Lapbooking.
Above is Isaiah's folder with "supplies".

                       Having cocoa coconut milk with it. :o)

                                         This is Isaiah's.

 Isaiah is a minimalist! ha! ha! We spent so much time deciding how we could make big roomy Lapbooks for that? LOL!

                                          This is Lysa's.
                                 Lysa is very creative :o)

                             Loaded with lots of information!

                                            This is Kitty's.

                She worked hard on deciding where to put it all.

They enjoyed making the Lapbooks and like having them a lot. I jumped the gun and bought more folders thinking they'd make more!! But they really aren't interested in making anymore!!! I guess the folders will be another donation for the Salvation Army!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A cat and a dog :o)

The older 4 (kids) wanted to post their creative pictures.
But I get to comment!
Winty last month (May) 4 months old

 Winty today (June) 5 months old!

Winty 4 months old

Winty 5 months old!!
Winty can actually pull Isaiah around the room now if he gets an energy spurt!! Yikes! He's in the rebellious stage right now. The good thing is he's actually mildly rebellious considering rebellious Lab behavior!

We had a problem with our catty. Violet was becoming a terror. She was scratching everywhere. She scratched us, the beds, window screens, and the carpet under dressers?? If she didn't like what you wanted her to do- it was instant scratch! OUCH! Even though she was in her catty cage at night, she did a great deal of damage during the day.

                                               "Who me??"
So we had her de-clawed. And it was a good decision. She still has her back claws if Moses pulls her tail. But we can now pick her up with no worries of getting poked everywhere. We had tried clipping her nails, we put little cat claw tips over them. Nothing helped. We waited till she was 1 yr old to decide. We're glad we did it. She'll never go outside and we protect her from danger. Now she no longer needs her catty cage at night.

She is doted on all day long! And at night as well as she sleeps with the oldest 4 in their beds.

                                      "Don't bother me!"

                     Kitty likes to re-arange Violet in her blankets.

                  Faith sneaks Violet from Kitty's bed to her bed!

                             Hello Kitty and Hello Catty!!

She is still our dare devil. Here leaping from Julius' top bunk to Isaiah's top bunk.

                                            She made it! :o)

And now to get down, so she can...............

jump over the gate! When she was younger she squeezed through the bars!!

Back on top of Isaiah's bed looking for warmth!
She's a very smart cat.
She figures things out and solves problems quickly.
We love her to pieces. But she's a royal pain!

The Sphynx breeders say that they are "dog" like. But no one told her, because she's very much a cat!! She "yells" at us when she's mad, and screeches when she's bathed, and meows continually when she can't get her way!! And she hisses at all of us if she's mad enough! Darn cat!! :o)