Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where does the time go?

Faith, can she really be 13 already?
In only 6 years she will graduate.
I'm not ready!!
She works so hard on her school work and blesses me as her mommy every day! I'm delighted in how she's growing as a Christian!
But I want more time with her!!

Miss Elizabeth is soon to be 12. 
Yes she was named after me by her birth mom, my 2nd oldest daughter Shirley. Who is named after my precious mom. This Elizabeth, is my 2nd Granddaughter named Elizabeth. 
My first Granddaughter, my very first grandchild was named Elizabeth by my oldest daughter Angel, now in Heaven. That Elizabeth will be 17 in May. Am I old enough to be a Grandma to a 17 year old??!!!......barely! ha! ha! I was 40 when she was born, when she made me a Grandma. (Seven years later I gave birth to Isaiah!)

This Elizabeth only has 7 years left of Homeschool before she graduates. She is amazingly bright, artistic and a hard worker. And is also becoming strong in her faith. How can I get everything done with her in such a short time??!! 

She refused to look at Dad with the camera!

This is Katherine, almost 11. She too is a birth daughter of Shirley.
They have lived with us their whole lives. 
They are growing up so quickly, I don't want to miss a minute.

She has only 8 years left of Homeschool and then she wants to be a Missionary!! She even read the book "Kisses from Katie", her favorite Missionary! As well as other books on Missionaries. 
It's hard to concentrate on school work when you have such an amazing life planned ahead! LOL!!
She's also so busy dissecting bugs with her sisters, it's a wonder she gets anything done!
Her favorite subject is Science- especially "edible" Science. (experiments you can eat!)  And "edible" History! (recipes from Lewis & Clark, the Revolutionary War, Laura Ingalls ect!!)

 Last but not least our baby of the group, Isaiah now 10, has 9 years of homeschool left. He sets up and reads all of the instructions to our projects for me, since I have cataracts now. He's a huge help!
He's sitting with Sassy in the pre-school area where the boys and Mercy learn.
He's a well rounded young man. He can use tools as well as babysit a younger brother or cook a meal! 
He's an amazing Church song leader and Bible reader. He has Dyslexia, and his love for the Bible has helped him over come much of the hardships of reading.

Since we have been re-doing the house to make it super accessible for the special needs kids; we have been tossing/donating all the things we will no longer need soon. Things like Barbies, extra home school curriculem, projects we'll never get to, all the things that can't be handed down here.

And it hit me.

I only have 9 years left to teach.

I'll be a lovely 66 when I'm done.
I'll still be teaching they youngest 6 special needs kids Adaptive Living Skills. But my career as a Homeschool teacher will be over. And I'm kind of sad! I've taught since 1988 when my oldest was in the 8th grade. The time just flies by! 

I mentioned to Faith the other day "Faith it's Friday! Where did Monday and Tuesday go? Where does the time go?" To which she replied- "I threw them out the window, I'm throwing the days out the window, time is flying!" She has silly ways of thinking. It was very sweet, but true- the days are flying by. I can't even hang on to them. And I thank God for each one. 

Change is hard sometimes. Bittersweet- I'm more than excited to see them grow, but wish the time would slow up some!!??   

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lots of pictures!!

It has been a long cold winter!!!! 
So we have had to find fun things to do to keep us from catching cabin fever!! (I had the flu- but that's another story!)

My steadfast helper Kitty. We set everything up to dip giant marshmallows into white chocolate; that we colored neon green. It was a little harder to do than we thought. We saw this in a magazine years ago and always wanted to try it- but little brothers from Bulgaria came first!

 Nobody wants to wait! LOL! But we've only completed step one!

The hair is mint chocolate chips melted. The magazine showed dipping into it, but even after adding coconut oil, our chocolate was too stiff to dip in to. So we "painted" the hair on. Our chocolate chips on the plate had turned grey from freezing! Yes they were old- but still tasty! ;o)

Of course we had to make one for MA!! We even put silver hair strands with glitter gel on the brown hair! 
MA had a December birthday- she's 57 years young!
                    MA thought the resemblance was cool too! 

                      But she's not too sure if it's edible? LOL!

                      Back to finishing theirs, Faith 13 and Isaiah 10.
                             Both had birthdays in January!

                                Isaiah is a serious decorator. 

The ever watchful "Snow" dog in the background watches Faith try to take all of the candies for her marshmallows! :o(

                                    The all said they tasted gggggggreat!!
                    My baby has simple decorating tastes! LOL!

         This was Faith's attempt to eat ALL the decorations!! 

          So Lysa 11 1/2 had to "steal" some of Faith's candies! ;o)

                                      And Kitty 10 1/2 uses the glitter gel.

 Snow in the background realizes there will be none for him. Poor doggy! 
That's a pile of diapers to the left. We have diapers in 5 sizes stacked in 5 careful piles for the month!

 Kitty always has great facial expressions for everything just like her Birly. (her birthmother Shirley) 

                                                     Great job Miss Lysa!

Faith turned 13 in January. Still wearing her birthday dress even while cooking! 

                  Now MA is going to see if this is really edible!

                                    YUM!! She approves!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A new Sister in Christ!

This precious young lady~ (in the pink vest) Faith Blessing- soon to be 13 was baptized Tuesday night.

We Thank God for her. And we Praise God that she has chosen to follow Christ!

LOVE you so much pumpkin!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What is this dogs name!!

 These pictures crack me up! I wanted to get a picture to show the size of Snow compared to our new puppy. But it was Snow's time to go out. So he did not appreciate us taking pictures when he wanted to go outside! I'm holding the leash to the right, and Isaiah is by the door on the left. Tom is taking the pictures.

This pure bred British Labrador puppy has been featured on our other blog with MA and the boys. She is my new mobility dog and the boy's therapy dog.
Her AKC name is "Mary Queen of Scots". In honor of the first British Lab club in Scotland started in the 1800s, and still exists.

Snow is a Shiloh Shepherd. He looks even more handsome with his ears up! LOL!! He's disappointed here! He says "did I do something wrong?"

 After the puppy came home we called her "Mary" which was a delightful name, but she was so incredibly sweet we changed her call name to Hunnybee. I thought Hunnybee was perfect.

And then tonight as she was terrorizing Snow with her antics, and leaping and flying through the air retrieving multiple mouthfuls of leaves. I realized she was no longer my little Hunnybee! LOL!!
So her new call name is now SASSY!!!!!!

I have never had a dog that had so many "call" names in such a short period of time! She's only 16 weeks, and we've only had her 8 weeks!! And this is her 3rd name!! I am wondering what her real call name will be!!! LOL!!

She is incredibly smart. Learns super quick. Is the easiest puppy we ever house broke. And the most fascinating dog we've ever had.

I LOVE and ADORE my boy Snow, as well as many of our past dogs. But Sassy is one of a kind! And we are incredibly blessed to have her!! Tom says he is not telling the vet her new-"new" call name! LOL!!

I said that's o.k. because maybe next month it will be something "new" again!! :o)

Monday, September 30, 2013

I Deserve a Doughnut!

Catchy title isn't it!

My Dear friend Barb Raveling has written another wonderful Biblical weight loss book.
It is titled "I Deserve A Doughnut".

If you look on the right side of my blog, you'll see a picture of the "Freedom From Emotional Eating" book. This book is by Barb also. I have used that book for a while now to help me with my emotional eating. If you click on the "Freedom From Emotional Eating" book, I have a blog that I had started, but then with the boy's adoptions I got side tracked. As soon as I get her new book I hope to start blogging with it there.

Barb has a gift for writing what we need to hear.

Here is her blog with information on the book.
I'm thinking it will be available on Amazon? Her last book is.

You can check out the last book here~

I can't wait to get my hard copy!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A wedding! And a Princess!

The day came. When two were joined and became one! It was a joyful, tearful hard day in more ways than one.

I kept thinking- "Dan's taking my baby." "I'm losing my baby. Our relationship will never be the same, she will be Dan's now."
That's the human side of me.
As a Christian I knew, another season had come. It was time for two to be joined as one. And I was incredibly blessed by God to have watched the seasons that preceded this huge milestone.

Dan was not taking her away. Dan was joining our family. We couldn't be happier. My losses are replaced with a son in law. A son in law sent by God. I know I say "my" daughter. But in truth she is God's daughter. Sent here to be shared with her precious birth parents, us, and now Dan. Each season directed by God, blessed by God. My cup over flows.

She is indeed my Princess.

                                  The promise of a new beginning.
Matthew 19:4-6
He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

                             The JOY of a union~ two become one.

Embraced by all of us who are here in Christ's LOVE to support them in the way God leads them! In our home, our living room. (It rained so we could not do it on the deck.)

                                      My princess is now a Queen.

If I LOVED her any more I'd burst! Just looking at her makes my cry tears of JOY and PRAISE God for the blessing of holding her till this time.
She's helped shape me into the mother I could only have hoped to be.

(her second Momma~ M.A. who has been with her since the day she was sent to us)
And then she wrote me this~
DO NOT CRY WHEN YOU READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear mom, I love you very much. You have loved me through everything, and truly have been an example of Christ to me that I could see and follow. I can't wait to have kids and be a mom like you. I hope that this is the start of an even stronger relationship between us. I appreciate you always listening to me and taking the time to talk to me. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without all your love and support. I remember when you used to say things like, "Well when you're a wife," and I'd roll my eyes and be like But now I AM A WIFE. And I will be a good one. And it's because of you. You should call me if you get time. Whenever. You could call me when you wake up early too cause we will probably be packing. Dan texted Dad and you a message. Make sure he tells what he said lol. 
Love You. 
There are no words. I can hear Rich Mullins singing God Praises in my heart, and my heart sings~ "Oh God you are my God- And I will ever PRAISE You! I will PRAISE You in the morning and ALL the days of my life- Oh God You are my God And I will ever PRAISE You!"